say what.

i've posted before about the great band charlie everywhere, signed to the local sub-bombin label.
but here's a portion of a message i received from josh carter, one half of the duo that makes up the band:

"Due to some trademark law issue that we honestly don't fully understand and kinda' don't want to bother with (hooray for lawyers!), we will be changing our name effective now. We know this may be a bummer or at least an unexpected twist for some of you out there -- imagine how we felt -- but we're happy with the new name we've settled on, and think that it actually sounds a bit more like our music anyway: PHANTOGRAM."

what a drag...i have an awesome 'charlie everywhere' sticker on my car. now that 'charlie everywhere' isn't a band, what the hell is it? i searched google to see if there is some other thing called 'charlie everywhere' but couldn't find a link to anything but the band. i don't know if i should leave the sticker on as a super esoteric and elitist statement of how i liked them "back when they were charlie everywhere" or if i should take it off for fear that i would be advertising something crazy like drug activity or racism.

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