we just got back from ella's vet check up. she's gained over a pound in ten days! i guess that's what a little steroids will do...
ella had follow up bloodwork done to see if her high calcium levels have been decreased. we'll get that call tomorrow.
otherwise, vet orders are to reduce the steroids to twice weekly and keep an eye out for "symptoms". the prognosis is difficult...it could be a year before the cause (still likely to be lymphoma) rears it's head. for now, ella is the same old kitty.
crosbi has been fine and we are hoping her seizure episode was isolated to that one peculiar day.
thanks to everyone that has shared their stories and sent me positive energy during this time! it's been invaluable.

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  1. glad to hear the good news, which sounds like it means more quality time with the little princess. she does look very elegant in her photo.


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