mental workshop.

•i have made decent progress at developing a schedule for creating art outside of my full time, non-art job.  i am starting to accumulate some decent pieces and am considering getting some prints made for sale and gifts.  i've started to research printing options, but am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the choices.  my preference would be to have a local shop do the printing, but i haven't found anything yet.  there are so many online print shops that i have no idea where to start.

•i'm beginning to work on a new tattoo design.  this is a project that has been in my mental workshop since my first tattoo was finished (many years ago).  i've done a few sketches; mostly of morning glories which would somehow wind around my upper arm and travel to my back and shoulder.

•we're in the final count down for our annual road trip to see my father in virginia beach on memorial day weekend.  we're getting a hotel this year, but i still haven't booked one.  i keep thinking that better deals will pop up...or maybe i'm just hoping for this.  i'm not sure how long is too long to wait.

•instead of paying for a DJ at our wedding, we will be creating our own ipod playlist(s).  this will do double duty for us as it saves money and it allows me to use music from our broad ranging tastes.  i could lose a lot of mental time just thinking about potential songs.

•i've sent a few handmade postcards in my mission to re-establish connections.  the process has gotten me thinking of the folks who read this blog and that those "connections" need nurturing too!   anyone interested in a postcard exchange?  send me an email!


  1. Renee--I recieved your postcard and LOVED IT! It made me smile lots and lots and now is lovingly posted on our fridge of photos and Vi's artwork! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Means a lot that you thought of me--my digital friend :)

    looking for local printers: At my job, we used Trampoline Design (local Ad agency), They do a lot of local campaigns. You could find out who they use. Their printer might be local or I could find out for you if you wanted. Trina Poland was out contact there. She also designs her own handbags--- trinabags.

    Another wedding detail, I wanted to share. Instead of having a sign-in book. I had a handmade (sort of) book that I asked a friend of mine to make sure all the guests signed and shared something, poem, quote, lyric, story or whatever. I used brown craft paper on a portion of the tables so guests could leave a note or picture. I put crayons on every table. It was fun the next day to look and see what they created. I saved the good ones.
    I used a lot of grapevine to decorate and then saved a lot of it to use at Christmas and then it ended up getting composted when we moved here. I don't know if the place your using decorates for you or not? I used jelly/canning jars for votive candles to go in so I did not have to buy them since my Mom had a ton of them. And then the bigger canning tomato type jars for the head tables. I will keep thinking....
    my friend that lives in VT had 3 Ben and Jerry's ice cream cakes instead of the traditional tiered cake. And holy crap was it good!

  2. I just thought of something! I had my Dad take coffee cans and drill holes to make a letter on each can to spell out Mike and Kate and we used them as luminiares outside on my parents deck. It looked very cool at night. When I look back on our wedding--I never realized how eco-friendly it was. At the time, I just wanted it to look charming, creative, and not cost a ton!

    The friend that had the Ben and Jerry's at her wedding--grew her own flower arrangements for the church. She stacked pots on top of each other creating 4 foot high arrangements with cascading flowers--very pretty.

    That's it....

  3. @tmc yours will be on it's way soon!

    @vi's mom i got a spot on the fridge!!! what an honor!

  4. good idea about the ipod playlist... one of my friends is doing that, too

    plus, wedding dj's are cheesy and, um... creepy


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