scouting mission.

drinks in the room
it's been a tough weekend; pure drudgery.
we had to go up to lake placid and stay at the high peaks resort in order to meet with the wedding coordinator.
it was difficult to endure the awfulness of staying in a room that included complimentary robes & slippers.  the rainfall shower head in the river-rock-lined shower was nerve wracking.  the fluffy bed and ipod docking station were just nuisances and who likes heated outdoor pools and free kayaks anyway?
please, don't get me started on the in-hotel restaurant, dancing bears and their pizza pie sized loaded nachos...
needless to say, we will need some time to recover from the abundance of...oh, i mean...lack of relaxation and fun we had.
what a shame...


  1. Dude, I have suffered similarly minus the wedding planning. The cross it is to stay at such a perfectly situated slice of perfection. Dang.

  2. sounds have to come back to reality!!

  3. Yup...had to endure the same sort of "conveniences" {ha!}...along with a couples massage a few years back, as a suprise for your Dad's birthday. Whew! Couldn't wait for that ordeal to be over! I mean the toilet, literally, had a room all it's own...was not connected to the sinks/shower/hot tub area. It was hell. Did I mention there was one of those fancy shower heads in a room bigger than most walk-in closets and a huge hot tub? Your Dad spent much of the time laughing, uncontrollably, on the floor in...well, that's enough detail. I feel for you guys. Sorry.

  4. So this is what we'll have to endure next Sept.?! How could you? In spite of all this ... we'll try to endure/enjoy. ;] bridedad


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